Monday, March 19, 2012

Sekilas Tentang Masa Lalu (Flash Back)

My Past was really beautiful..
semua itu karena aku punya sahabat-sahabat terbaik.
One of My teacher said, find a best friend like find your soul-mate. there will be lot of friends around you, but you will always belong to your -called- best friend.
Let's me mention a few names of friends from my past

1. Risti Riyana Tantri
I friended her since I was on 3rd grade at Junior High School.
we are a classmate. then we continue this friendship till Senior high School, we're entering different school but in the same city (red. Cimahi). she is really best friend, honest and sincere. I had so closed with her family too, that's why I just felt like one of daughter in her family.
This is Risti in the past (about 3-4 years ago)

She is a sweet girl, and her heart was really nice and sweet as sweet as her looks like.
and now she is already married.
dulu kerjaan aku sama Risti, suka pergi ke taman bacaan bareng, because we are a manga lover at that time. kadang pulang sekolah suka janjian di corinaga (Taman bacaan di Cimahi) kadang pulang dulu ke rumah risti baru deh pergi ke Corinaga.
kalo ga ke taman bacaan, kita ke Game Master, nyoba semua permainan baru yang lagi IN - dari musim DDR sampe terakhir main itu lagi musim permainan Drum-. kita mainin semua. Time flies so fast and I late to realize...we are going old now.dari SMP terus SMA terus Kuliah Sapai tingat 3 kita masih nyempetin buat main bareng.
but then we're losing contact each other, and just after 2 years without news, because of something, now she came as a marriage women. it's hard to believe.. my 'teenager' best friend. now she is a wife. and now she just tell me that she was pregnant.. howaaahhh., my Risti will be a mother soon. tapi aku masih berasa anak sekolahan waktu ngobrol & sms'n sama dia. any way I miss all my momment with her in the past.

and this is the current picture of her, oh her wedding celebration.
she looks more maturer and being an adult woman.

In my senior high school I find 5 best friend.We are a gangster.. hahaha (kidding)
we are a class mate in the first Grade at senior high School, but then we are being true friend Till now. I should to thank to God because I never losing them in my life.

this Picture is taken after Idul fitri mubarak on 2006 0r 2007.
the first Idul Fitri after we graduated from High School.
From Left:
Santi - Wiwin - Irna - ME -and Kuraesin.

I'll discuss about Santi, first.
Santi, her full name is Santi Miranti.after graduated from High School she continued to work as a shop assistant in one of electrinoc Shop at ITC while continue her study for Diploma 3 at Ganesha Collages. now she Already married and lives with her husband at Leuwi Gajah Street, Cimahi. the last story about her, just a several days ago, she tell me that she is building a house at Soreang.
Her most Character is ' Penuh Perhitungan' especially with money. she is really careful about money. she loves money so much.
kalo soal uang, Santi itu Iriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt banget, she will look sad when she needs to pay anything she bought. but actually she is a kind woman dan Sedikit cerewet juga sih. santi juga termasuk yang paling susah diajak jalan, soalnya kalo jalan dia tau harus keluar uang, tapi klo kita bilang di tlaktir,,.. wiiihh paling semangat. haha
I have one story about her, always remember because it happens many times.  :)
One day, we planned to go to IP for playing.. Santi refused went with us, she said that she hadn't money. and we said we won't bought anything or spent any money for anything, we just played and walked around. she finally agree to go with us,. might be she bored to listen us and agreed to make us stop talking.
at that time, we went to Istana Plaza 'IP'. we really just walked around and sitting in the foud court while only buy a soft drink with no food. but, then I played Game Master with Wiwin, Kuraesin bought something blue ( he loves everything blue), and then Santi looked to some accessorizes. she looked a wallet and seems desired to buy that wallet, and 'BINGO' she bought it.. she looked us with smile happily.. and we looked her strangely and smiling for her. then I said, ' katanya ga punya uang, tapi belanja paling banyak' (well, that Wallet was quite expensive for senior high school students like us).
and she just smiling without saying anything. hahhaha.(I miss that moment, friends and the uniform)

2. Wiwin Nurmala sari (Whien // wiwin)
she was the closest to me at that time. she is a quiet girl. the most calm girl. when everything happened she'll just smile softly, no more comment just smile. never talk too much abut her self but I know much more about her better than the others friends. because we often sharing each other privately. she knows about me more and I know about her more. she was my class mate and Chair-mate for two years. (1st & 2nd) grade. that is why we can be closer than the others. physically she is the biggest between us. but actually she is might be the weakness,. she often feels sick after having much move. I have one story about us.
at that time, we went to Palasari to buy some books for school. at Palasari the book is cheaper. after we looked around the market for some books, suddenly Wiwin felt headache, ad then she said everything going dark and blind. at some store she really can't move and even stand up, we're really confused at that time, didn't know what to do. kindly, the shop keeper tell us the store around that sells medicine. but after looked around and left Wiwin at that store we still couldn't find the store, and the shop keeper helped us to buy 'minyak kayu putih' (PPO) and after she feels  better we living that store and said really thank you to the shop keeper. since that time, when we played around again we always talking to wiwin "Awas gelap.. awas gelap" heheh.
the word's really funny between us. and as guessed before, she just smile quietly. we sure she feels funny also for that word. it not harmful at all to hurt her. We sure for it.
Now Wiwin is a house wife and have one baby. she lives in Karawang with her husband. after graduated from high school she works at the same place with Santi for 1 years and then she get sick and went to Jakrata with her sister to have medicine, and 6 month latter she back to Bandung and work again at the same place with Santi , then married with someone from Karawang and lives there till now. 

3. Irna Nurllita (Irna// Inong)
The most serious girl between us. she is really Diligent and always doing something seriously. and also the most honest even too honest. many people often feels hurt because her honest word. but at the end everyone know what she said was true. that's why, people hurt but never hate her, vise verca , people loves after feels hurt of her because her honest. we likes to ask her opinion because she will tell us the truth. she's not afraid and don't care if we'll feels hurt of her word. hihi.
the best things that I remember of her is.. she never want to play to Department store with uniform, and you know what is her reason?? the reason is because our bet school. (Irna malu klo lokasi sekolah kita di baca orang, tulisan lokasinya SMAN 3.. tapi bukan SMAN 3 Bandung (the best school at Bandung), melainkan SMAN 3 Kota Cimahi.(just a middle school at Cimahi) so she feels embarrassed for that things. hehe. so if all member want to gathering, we have to do it at house. we played house to house for gathering and talked / shared together. yang paling khas dari irna itu adalah poninya. karena rambut dia berponi, kemana2 ga lepas dari kaca, dan satu2nya hal yang paling dia benci adalah angin. she never like a wind, soalnya kalo ada angin poninya suka berantakan. dan satu2nya yang dia lakuin kalo ada angin, she covered it with her hand to protect. :D
After graduated from high school Irna with me entered Indonesia University of Education, but we took different major. Irna was majoring in Science ( Ilmu FISIKA) and I was majoring in English department. (But my english never better... "emang ga bakat kayanya")
Irna graduated Earlier. she graduated last April. and now she works at Bank BNI.

4. Kuraesin. (Kura)
we called her Seni at the first time because she said it was her nick name at her family, but then we called her kura. (soalnya nama seni kedengeran jauh banget atau ga nyambung dengan nama aslinya) hehehe
she is the most talkactive girls between us, and also the most little girl (physically).
Kuraesin itu kaya bola beklen, ga bisa diem, selalu aja jalan-jalan kesana-kemari, she always shouting at school, her voice is really amazing, suara dia di kelas bisa kedengeran sampe ke ruang guru..padahal dari kelas dia ke ruang guru kehalangin 2 kelas.. everyone loves her because she's really active at school. she is a symbol of spirit. sekolah sepi kalo dia ga masuk. pernah dia sakit parah.. ga masuk bebrapa hari. then the school really feels bored and empety.
she loves Blue so much. everything blue. she will like it. but now she said she becomes love a yellow one. :))
I have many moment with her. (soalnya yang paling fleksible, cuman kita berdua. klo keteman mau main selalu oke dan bisa) we're being close each other. Pernah juga kita perang dingin. just because miss-understanding.
for thiee days we haven't talk each other or walked to the cafeteria and go home together. we really act like we don't know each other.
awalnya gara2 kura had been waited for me to go home together. but then  I waited also for Wiwin, at that time.
At moment, we were in the 3rd grade at school and we entered different class, only Kura and Irna that had entered the same class.
Santi, she pass to enter class IPA 1, me at IPA 2, Kura and Irna IPA 3. kelas kita sebelahan jadi masih sering ngobrol bareng-bareng. yang paling jauh itu kelasnya Wiwin. paling ujung,  soalnya program kelasnya memang baru ada 2 tahun kebelakang dari waktu itu. Wiwin pass to enter language class. satu-satunya kelas bahasa di Sekolah kita.
karena udah nunggu kelamaan, mungkin c Kura kesel and a bit jealous because I waited for Wiwin. (friends syndrom). Ternyata cemburu itu, ga cuman ada didalam hubungan antara laki-laki dan perempuan (Pacaran), dalam persahabatan juga ternyata suka ada cemburu di antara temen yang satu dan temen yang lain. (itu menunjukan seobjective apapun juga, manusia ga pernah bisa adil. terbukti dari kedatangannya rasa cemburu) :D
 I realized she angered to me, at that time, and I met Irna that went home together with her boy friend at tha time, Septian. They still a couple till now, without break. I think their relationship will works til they marriage. hehe
I and Irna think that she (Kura) will be fine after the day. so we let Kura angered that time.
one day after that time, I met kura in front of teacher office, I think she was being fine, I called her name but then she ignore me. I thought she still angry to me. so  I decided to wait till she no longer angry to me. So, I didn't come to her class as always, didn't great her till she great me first. I didn't talk to her during that war. hehe
After 3 days, she text me a massage first. actually I want to sent her message first (tapi aku gengsi) so I Waited for her to say hello first. at that text she say sorry and I say sorry too.
waktu itu semua orang taunya kita sahabat banget, soal yang kemana-mana yang sering bareng ya cuman kita, santi sibuk ngerjain soal di kelas kalo istirahat, Irna males ke kantin sukanya nitip2 jajanan doang, mungkin takut poninya rusak, ketebak angin. hehe. Wiwin Jauh di kelas bahasa jadi dia lebih suka ke kantin atas tapi ga jarang juga kita ke kantin bareng and nongkrong di koridor lapangan bawah deket ruang guru.  secara, sekolah kita punya dua lapangan besar. lapangan atas dan lapangan bawah. biar pun secara akademik sekolah kita itu termasuk klutser tengah tapi secara bangunan gedung sekolah, sekolahan kita itu adalah yang paling elit. paling mewah dan besar. (I'll describe about our school letter).
back to me and Kura. when all people know we have a fight, they just laugh. one of friend (yang lagi nganter Kura ke toilet) shout to my class in the middle of lecturing.
'haha,. Dea sama si kura Musuhan kaya pacaran aja' she shout with laugh.
yes, it was ridiculous. like a kid. kaya anak kecil musuhan klo udah gede yang suka mushan kan yang pacaran. jadi konyol banget pas temen2 denger kita lagi musuhan. :))
anyway, it becames sweet moment of friendships from My High school story.
Now, kura work at PT. Konimex. after graduated she continued to study Computer at some course for six month and then work at the company.

I miss them all and the moment. :))


  1. love u mardya kamillah :') jadi kangeeeeenn huhuhuhu u are the best friend meskipun jauhhh persahabatn qt ga akan pudar

  2. ahhhh.... Ristiiiiiiii..kumaha dah lahiran blm tii??
    kangeeuuunn.. malu aku ihh blognyah dbaca kmu.. hehe